Protection and Security Services

A security agency in Ticino.

Our offer covers security services for people and places, in-transit people and cash/valuables, consulting, training, and auditing. Our security agency in Ticino operates in all of Switzerland, undertaking to prevent, protect, and intervene whenever necessary.

Competent professionals active in different sectors, backed by a structure capable of monitoring any threats, ensure prompt action and appropriate services to meet your protection needs.


Presence and service

Knowledge, preparedness, and information.

Our interventions are always prompt and perfectly suited to the site and needs. Our clients’ protection is as crucial as their freedom to move freely around their world. Our offer includes numerous services for different contexts and sectors, all characterized by expert collaborators with specific knowledge about their different fields of application.

Intervention Services

Prompt, specialized responses to any reported threats concerning objects or spaces under contract.

Protection Services

We undertake to ensure our customers’ safety, while respecting personal freedom. Gruppo Sicurezza allows you to move freely around your world.

Security Services

Specialized prevention and protection services aimed at institutional, industrial, and banking fields. Our services are applied to defined installations, to neutralize risky situations through self-defense and assistance.


Gruppo Sicurezza offers specialized services for monitoring and surveillance: external and internal patrolling for any type of property. Gruppo Sicurezza patrol units undertake to monitor properties and ensure no issues arise during the customer’s absence. This service is ideal for both private individuals and companies, offering different possibilities for customization. Internal patrolling ensures monitoring of the property’s interior, foreseeing any potential threats due to environmental causes during your absence. The service is comprehensive and can be personalized and integrated with other divisions, so you’ll be worry-free.


We are equipped to transport and protect any belongings requiring discrete transport. Depending on the degree of risk and the needs, an appropriate cutting-edge device is provided to allow constant, immediate interaction with Gruppo Sicurezza staff.

Observational Consulting Services

Our observational consulting services verify vulnerabilities, identify evidence or symptoms of abnormal activities as they take place, and detect any gaps left uncovered by existing security devices.

Opening and Closing Services

A modular subscription formula whose services relieve customers of the closing or opening duties at domestic, administrative, or industrial buildings.


Training services related to communication, stress management, emergency first aid, dynamic shooting, corporate coaching, the legal field.

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