Fire detection and extinguishing

Automatic fire alarm,
detection, and extinction systems.

Gruppo Sicurezza fire detection and extinction systems are automatic and designed to detect possible fires within the environments they are installed in and to alert the entire building. We guarantee maximum reliability, for both the planning and the implementation of the system (VKF compliant). Along with ensuring maximum security, we pay particular attention to curating the design and aesthetic requirements, to ensure systems will integrate discretely into the surrounding environment.


Activation Sensors

Active fire protection.

Installing fire detection sensors enables water sprinklers to be automatically activated to extinguish flames. These active protection systems can be installed in any space and play an active role in extinguishing fires, should they occur.

Eliminate your worries.

We’ll take care of the meticulous installation of your fire detection and extinction systems, ensuring they comply with all norms and building regulations for the installation site. Furthermore, our systems allow for instant threat detection, so a rapid and complete evacuation can take place. Lastly, through the connection with Gruppo Sicurezza’s Satel Operating Centre, all information will be recorded, relayed, and coordinated by Gruppo Sicurezza’s interconnected services, allowing for prompt intervention.

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