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Latest generation
systems for every site and for all security needs.

Gruppo Sicurezza Systems is the skill area specialized in the design, installation, and assistance of alarm and electronic security systems to keep public and private sites secure. Our numerous applications include anti-intrusion and burglary systems, video surveillance, security and management of emergency exits, fire detection and extinction, and entrance control.


within reach.

Multifunctional technology

Our innovative digital technology is easy to control. Supported by latest generation software and expert personnel, Gruppo Sicurezza technology allows you to activate and manage all electronic security systems, thus enabling them to be used as domotic control centres: for video surveillance, access control, work schedule management, fire detection and extinction. For every need, in any site, Gruppo Sicurezza offers you total control over your electronic security systems – even remotely, and in any environmental conditions.

Security and design

Our attention to the technological development of our systems is accompanied by their curated design and focus on aesthetic components, which must blend discretely into both residential and domestic settings, as well as industrial sites. Gruppo Sicurezza believes in the value of its offerings, for security that is functional, technological, and attentive to the different architectural contexts destined for installation.


To receive remote assistance on products installed by Gruppo Sicurezza Sistemi, please download the software from this link:
Supremo Client

This software can only be installed on Windows PC systems.

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