Protect your World.

There is a world that needs the freedom and security to grow. Yours. The more you are secure, the more you are free to fully live your life, without fear and without limits. Security is an indispensable value. Often, we only understand its importance when it is lacking. Safety Group is a benchmark for safety, and has always worked to ensure peace of mind inside and outside the home through the most competent professionals and the most advanced systems.



Safer together.

Collective security is at the heart of every civil society, it is the freedom to move, to meet, to share places and experiences, protected, without even realising it, from friendly technology. A project that the Gruppo Sicurezza has always pursued not only with particular attention to prevention and protection, but also to social and ecological commitment.



People and values that count.

The search for quality drives our choices when it comes to protecting our work and ourselves. The intelligent Gruppo di Sicurezza range of products is tailored to the specific needs of customers and offers tailor-made products and services, allowing for always feeling secure. Things and people protected, on the street, at work, away from home, in a bank vault, is security, in all its forms, that looks to the future through more sophisticated systems and the application of quality standards according to the standards prescribed by Certifications.

Are you interested in the security offered by GRUPPO SICUREZZA?