Gruppo Sicurezza, company profile.

Established in 1980, in Canton Ticino, as a company active in the design and installation of security systems, and satellite protection and tracking. Today, Gruppo Sicurezza is a market leader with over thirty years of experience in the field, a philosophy focused on continuous innovation and maintaining of a high quality standard (ISO 9001, EN 15838, IEC 27001), more than 90 consistently trained associates and a clientele that is constantly growing.

All this, has contributed in making Gruppo Sicurezza a leading company, because intelligent security is total security.

Discover the history


  • Foundation of Gruppo Sicurezza, which began by designing and installing alarm systems.
  • Takeover of two companies in the sector, expanding its clientele and offer.
  • Takeover of Satel Control SA, operating in the field of satellite protection and tracking.
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • Investment in the UAE market.
  • Foundation of Gruppo Sicurezza Servizi.
  • Design and installation of security systems for 146 banks in Angola.
  • EN 15838 certification (quality management system for customer contact centres)
  • Partnership with Galli Sicurezza SA. New proposal with the inclusion of mechanical safety.
  • Foundation of Gruppo Sicurezza Cyber, information security.
  • 2018 icon
    ISO 27001 certification.
  • future icon
    Brand new Galli Sicurezza Showroom in Lugano and new Headquarters in Bironico.

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